What Kind of Cable Do I Need?

What Kind of Cable Do I Need?

Although cable technology is always changing, USB-C will be the port of the future. More and more gadgets, including Apple's latest release, are adopting the new standard.

Anyway, there are three main connection type combinations: USB-A, Lightning, and USB-C. Every cable has two sides. One end connects to your gadget, while the other to a power source such as your computer or a wall charger. A "USB-C to USB-A" cable, on the other hand, has a USB-A connection on one end and a USB-C connector on the other. A "USB-C to Lightning" cable has one end with a USB-C connection and the other with a Lightning connector.The following instructions will assist you in determining the cable you require.


The newest Type-C cable on the market is USB-C to USB-C. On both ends, it has the tiny reversible USB-C connection. One end is plugged into your device, while the other is plugged into a newer USB-C wall charger or vehicle charger. This connection and charger will charge your devices the fastest thanks to Power Delivery (PD) technology, which can handle significantly more power. This combination, when used with a suitable 20W or above charger, will allow you to charge your smartphone in the quickest period of time possible utilizing PD charging technology.

But why are so many phones using the new USB-C charging cable? Simply explained, it enables for quicker charging and data transmission rates, as well as the ability to enter the cable either side up. That's right, no more uncomfortably jiggling the cord into your phone's port. Best of all, it works with phones, tablets, power banks, and even computers, so you just need one wire (as long as you're not using an iPhone).


USB-C to Lightning 

The USB-C to Lightning cable is the new kid on the block. Since the debut of the iPhone 11, this has been the standard cable that Apple includes in the package. The Lightning end connects to your device, while the USB-C end connects to a charger that has a USB-C connector. The most significant advantage of USB-C is that it is smaller, reversible, and enables a new charging technique known as Power Delivery (PD), which can handle greater charging wattages. When utilizing a USB-C to Lightning connection and a suitable 18W or higher type-C charger, all iPhones since the iPhone 8 are capable of Apple Fast-Charge. This set will charge your iPhone to 50% capacity in 30 minutes or less.


USB-A to Lightning 

This is the Apple charging cord that most iPhone users are accustomed to. On one end, it features a USB-A connector and on the other, a Lightning connector. Because Lightning is a proprietary Apple connection, it is only found on Apple goods or third-party "made for Apple" accessories like as gaming controllers or VR goggles. The lightning end connects to your device, while the USB-A end connects to any USB-A charger or computer port.


This cable is the industry standard for all Type-C devices such as the Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, and LG-V. The tiny reversible USB-C end is connected to your device, while the larger non-reversible USB-A end is connected to your charger. The most common form of USB connector is USB-A, which is broadly compatible with most wall chargers and automobile chargers.

When purchasing a new cable, many people choose the lowest option available. While this may be tempting, it is not recommended because cheaply built cables frequently come with a slew of possible concerns. These issues vary from simple annoyances like delayed charging to downright serious difficulties like being a fire hazard.

In a word, with the arrival of the iPhone 15 series, the USB-C to USB-C connection has become considerably more popular than previously. Furthermore, the USB-C connector charges at a significantly faster rate than the USB-A port, which has a maximum output of only 18W. Unbelievable, AOHI introduces a custom-length cable set suitable for future usage, with a maximum output of 240W. You may also have as many USB-C and lightning ports as you desire in a cable set. Here's the link to the incredible cable set:



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