What Kind of Phone Charger Do You Need?

What Kind of Phone Charger Do You Need?

The market is flooded with many phone chargers, making it difficult to select the correct charger for you.

If you're looking for a phone charger but are having trouble narrowing down your options, this blog post will help. We've even included a few tips to assist you choose the best charger for your requirements. Let's get started!

Understanding the Different Charger Types

Knowing the different sorts of chargers can help you in your search for a suitable phone charger. However, below is a breakdown of charger kinds.


Wall Charger

Wall phone chargers are the most prevalent type of charger.

A standard wall charger is made out of a cable that extends from an adapter that fits into a power socket. These chargers are fairly dependable. If you purchase a new phone, the bundled charger will almost certainly be a wall charger.

When shopping for a wall charger, seek for one with various USB ports that are compatible with different phone models.

It is highly advised to use the AOHI 140W USB-C and USB-A 3-port GaN+ charger.


Desktop Charger

Desktop chargers have a simple design and are an ideal alternative to wall chargers.

These chargers are great if you want the convenience that wall chargers do not provide.

Desktop chargers, as the name implies, may be mounted on desktops, side tables, desktops, and nearly any flat-surfaced furniture.

Here's a great desktop charger with a 120W GaN+ 4-port charging station for you.


Wireless Charger

Wireless chargers are quite unique.

You do not need to connect the charger to a wire to charge your phone. All you have to do is turn your phone upside down and let the charger handle the rest.

When you set your phone on the charger, a copper transmitter coil produces an electromagnetic field. A copper receiver in your phone then converts this current into energy, charging it.

Wireless chargers employ Qi, a wireless charging standard that has been embraced by the majority of major phone makers.

We propose AOHI the world's first DIY space-themed Wireless Charger, which can charge two phones or a phone and wireless earphones at the same time.


Power Bank

A power bank is ideal for charging your phone while on the road. They can also help you in an emergency, especially if you don't have access to electricity.

Nonetheless, any power bank worth considering should provide 500 charging and draining cycles. That's around one and a half years of consistent performance. Please avoid low-cost power banks, as most cannot retain a charge for more than two months. Premium power banks, on the other hand, can keep a charge for up to 6 months.

The AOHI 30000mah power bank has over 800 charging and discharging cycles, placing it towards the top of the charging market.



In conclusion

You should not buy the first charger that comes your way without first researching what it has to offer and determining whether it is the correct type for your phone. That being stated, you now know what to expect from each charger type.  So, go acquire the phone charger that best suits your demands!

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