What are GaN Chargers? Why they are recommended?

What are GaN Chargers? Why they are recommended?

GaN chargers are the industry's latest darlings, but what are they and why do you need one?

What are GaN Chargers?

GaN chargers are these that uses Gallium Nitride instead of silicon for their circuits, which makes them:

  • GaN chargers are smaller than regular chargers
  • GaN chargers charge faster than regular chargers
  • GaN chargers are more efficient and reduce energy loss
  • GaN chargers charge safer because they are cooler
  • GaN chargers support higher voltages and power ratings
  • These chargers can be used to charge laptops and other high powered electronic gadgets

Generally speaking, our GaN chargers have an efficiency of 95%, higher than most of silicon-based chargers, which are around 85%. Besides, our 140W charger is really the cutting-edge of GaN Innovation which is 28% smaller than the original one but with 3 ports instead of 1 port. Its compact design makes it to be the world’s smallest 140W charger.

So, what factors will affect your decision to get a higher-caliber charger rather than a conventional charger? Here are some distinctions between them to help you decide:


It is only now, in recent times, that we see so many enhancements in terms of electronics. However, it all started with normal chargers. The normal battery chargers use silicon, and GaN charger uses gallium nitride, which is known as the potential best next semiconductor alternative.


Normal battery chargers only have one micro or lightning charging port, whereas GaN chargers are flexible, and this flexibility enables having multiple USB-C ports. Using USB-C ports will secure significant benefits like faster-charging speed and the ability to charge multiple devices at once.

Charging speed & power efficiency

A band gap plays a crucial role in determining the charging speed and power efficiency. Silicon has a narrow band gap making it less stable to endure the effects of high voltage, which further comprises the charging speed.

Its alternative, GaN chargers, has a wide band gap that boots the charging process while maintaining high-efficiency levels. Furthermore, GaN chargers can transfer electrons 1000 times quicker than normal chargers.


GaN chargers are significantly smaller than normal chargers, which makes it more convenient for people travelling outside for long hours. Silicon contains high power, and higher the power, the larger the size of the charging.

If the size is unusually big then roaming around with it can be bothering and inconvenient.

Power dissipation and heat produced during charging

Due to increased size of the normal chargers, chances of producing heat are also increased which can have disadvantageous impacts in the long term. GaN chargers promises the opposite, due to a wide band gap, it can persist and reverse the issues of overheating. Additionally, it ensures cooler charging.

In a word, we use technology innovation to bring a better and greener life. The need for smaller, quicker and better will make the choice for every one of us.

More AOHI GaN chargers you could choose are as below:

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