New release: don't miss the 1st splicable USB4 cable set in the world!

New release: don't miss the 1st splicable USB4 cable set in the world!

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Our 4-in-1 cable boasts 240W super-fast charging, lightning-speed 40Gbps data transfer, and high-definition 8K@60Hz audio/video transfer. Catering to diverse scenarios concurrently, this cable addresses the longstanding inconvenience of requiring multiple cables. Compatible not only with the iPhone 15 series but also with all your USB-C electronic devices, The Future Racing Cable by AOHi stands as the singular solution to meet all your needs.

Say goodbye to the frustration of lengthy file transfers! Step into the next era of data transfer with our USB-IF certified USB 4 technology, providing unparalleled transfer speeds of 40Gbps. Picture this: a swift 10G file transfer in a mere 4 seconds. With AOHi's The Future Racing Cable, the transfer of 4K videos and substantial files happens in the blink of an eye, making your data management a seamless and rapid experience.

AOHi The Future Racing Cable boasts an Ultra HD audio and video transfer feature that enables seamless mirroring of your device to a USB-C external display. Experience vibrant, high-resolution visuals at an impressive 8K@60Hz. Elevate your efficiency by doubling your workspace and embracing multitasking. Whether you're editing videos, designing graphics, analyzing data, or tackling complex tasks, our cable empowers you to do so with ease and precision on an expanded screen canvas.

In the dynamic landscape of our fast-paced world, where every moment counts, the pace of our technological accessories must keep up. Enter AOHi's The Future Racing Cable, a technological marvel embedded with PD 3.1 240W super-fast charging technology, seamlessly integrated into the AOHi Future cable series. This cutting-edge feature propels your charging experience to unparalleled speeds, providing a solution that aligns with the swift rhythm of modern life.

What makes the Universal Cable truly exceptional is its do-it-yourself (DIY) design, allowing you to create three different cable lengths to suit various usage scenarios. In recognizing the individuality of every user and the distinct charging needs they may have, AOHi has redefined the charging experience. No longer confined to a one-size-fits-all approach, the Universal Cable empowers users to embark on a personalized adventure in connectivity, tailored precisely to their specifications.

We've added an E-Marker smart chip in The Future Racing Cable as a technological advancement that goes beyond conventional charging solutions. One notable benefit of this technology is the assurance of a stable voltage, particularly during fast charging sessions. Fast charging often involves increased current levels, and the E-Marker smart chip plays a crucial role in maintaining a consistent and secure voltage. This stability not only contributes to the overall health of your device but also acts as a protective measure against potential damage that can arise from sudden current fluctuations.

Here is the world's first 4-in-1 splicable USB4 PD 3.1 Racing Cable Set (40gbps/ 240W/ 8K) for you to choose from:


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