New release: Never seen such a multifunctional power bank before!

New release: Never seen such a multifunctional power bank before!

We're proudly introducing AOHI Starship, a stunning cyberpunk-inspired power bank with a charging station that looks like and performs as if it came just right out of outer space!

Featuring USB-C ports capable of reaching 140W, AOHI Starship's 2C1A output port has been designed to fully meet all your charging needs---for multiple devices. 

In a nutshell, this is the most powerful power station you'll ever see or use!

  • The world's first two-in-one 40000mAh power bank and charging station:  Starship is the ideal combination of a power bank and a charging station, outperforming both traditional products. It is a breakthrough time saver that can charge both electronics and itself. Without a doubt, it is the most powerful power bank or charging station you've ever seen or tried!
  • Enjoy an incredibly huge capacity: With a capacity of 40,000mAh, you can charge an iPhone 14 seven times or an iPad Pro 12.8 six times. This tremendous capacity keeps you connected and productive and may be utilized with over 1000 devices globally.
  • 140W Multi-port Charging Station: Compact as a can (2.09in*2.56in*6.77in), it has three USB-C 140W ports and one USB-A connector to meet your everyday demands, as well as a number of fast-charging alternatives. It's great for keeping gadgets charged when traveling or commuting, as well as for professionals who want a dependable laptop power bank and an efficient charging station.
  • New PD3.1 140W bidirectional rapid charging: It can quickly charge your MacBook Pro 16" with continuous 140W high power, taking it from 0% to 56% in just 30 minutes. Thanks to its groundbreaking dual super-charging technology, once you connect the 140W input capacity, Starship will work as a spectacular desktop charging station, fast-charging itself and three devices and its recharge time is only1.5 hours.
  • LED intelligent distribution and monitoring: The integrated digital display displays real-time charging data, allowing for efficient power allocation based on device requirements and 24-hour safety monitoring, making this an excellent choice for a high-capacity power bank or fast-charging desktop station.

Here is the link for AOHI STARSHIP 2-IN-1 40000MAH PD3.1 140W POWER BANK & POWER STATION

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