How to Increase Your Power Bank's Battery Life

How to Increase Your Power Bank's Battery Life

How to Charge, Discharge, and Store Power Banks Correctly

Don't overcharge: Never leave your power bank charging for an extended period of time as this may cause it to overheat. Always follow the directions provided by the manufacturer. If it becomes too hot during charging or discharging, disconnect it right away. Also, avoid charging the battery bank in situations where heat might accumulate, such as your bed.

By the way, AOHI 30000mah power bank is safe enough to charge overnight. AOHI’s advanced safety system effectively protects the PD USB-C power bank against overcharge, overvoltage, over-temperature, short circuit and more to ensure the safety of you and your devices. Moreover, with 100W PD input, the slim power bank itself can be fully recharged in about 2 hours by using a 100W PD charger (100W PD charger not included).

Don't use excessive force: It can harm the internal components or, worse, cause a short circuit when the device is utilized. Inspect the power bank on a regular basis and do not use it if it is leaking, distorted, emitting a weird odor, or has changed color.

Avoid Metal objects: To avoid producing a magnetic field, keep your device away from metal things such as paper clips, coins, and keys. Metal items should not be inserted into the USB outputs or connecting terminals because they can harm delicate electronics and cause short-circuiting.

Store It well: Keep your power bank in a cool, dry area. Avoid sources of moisture, dust, and heat. Don't leave the gadget in high-temperature areas where it might catch fire or explode.

Mistakes in Power Bank Usage That Can Shorten Battery Life

Use incompatible charging cables: This might have an impact on the charging efficiency and safety of your power bank. Some power banks have charging cords that aren't universally compatible with all devices. Incompatible cables can cause delayed charging, overheating, and even short circuits. Use the charging cord that comes with your smartphone or buy one from a reputable manufacturer to avoid this.

Inappropriate charging or discharging: If you want your power bank to last, you must charge and discharge it properly. Overcharging the gadget might cause it to overheat and reduce its lifespan. Also, do not entirely deplete the battery before charging it. For best battery health, charging levels between 20% and 80% are advised.

Not managed to keep it cool: Electronics despise heat, and it may significantly shorten the longevity of your battery bank. Keep your device cool while charging and discharging, and avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures or direct sunlight. The battery and other components might be harmed.

Overloading: Because mobile power banks have a capacity limit, it is critical to prevent overloading them. Charge several power-hungry gadgets at the same time to avoid overheating and damaging the battery. Also, don't use your power bank while it's charging since the circuit might overheat and cause harm.


Common Power Bank Battery Troubleshooting and Solutions

Some devices are not being charged by the power bank: If this occurs, try charging your devices using a different charging cable and the power bank.

Power bank not recharging: If you utilize a certain type of cable, wall charger, or wall socket, your power bank may not be charged. Try another option to see if the problem remains.

When recharging or charging devices, the power bank continues to overheat: If your power bank gets too hot when charging, try another wall charger and cord. If it becomes hot when charging other devices, consider using a different power cord or charging another item because the device you're charging could be having a problem.

Slow charge: First, make sure whether the power bank has a fast charging feature. If yes, try a new cable or charging a different device. The cable and charged devices also need to have a fast-charging protocol as well. We recommend AOHI best-seller cable and charger bundle for you to enjoy super fast charging as below:

The Fastest Charging Power Banks

A high-capacity power bank doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg, as this AOHI 30000MAH power bank proves it. It has two ports and a total output of 100W, making it extremely adaptable. Its PD charging port is compatible with all fast-charging devices. It has a capacity of 30,000 mAh, which is sufficient to completely charge phones, tablets, computers, and game consoles.

The high-capacity USB-C power bank can recharge an 11-inch tablet twice from 0% to 100%. It has a power output of 65 watts for quick charging via the USB-C connection. The USB-A port provides 18W of power to USB-A-powered devices. If a 60W USB-C PD wall charger is used, the power bank recharges in record time, 2.5 hours.


Use AOHI Power Bank Usage Tips to Keep Your Device Safe

Do you ever feel like your power bank can't keep up? You're not by yourself. We require increasingly powerful power banks as technology improves and our gadgets get more powerful. To maintain your power bank in great condition, follow AOHI's power bank maintenance instructions. Our high-capacity power banks provide built-in safety safeguards and features to keep your gadgets secure.

Here is the link for our 30000mah 100W fast charging power bank:

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