The 6 reasons to choose AOHi Modular Extension Cable Set

The 6 reasons to choose AOHi Modular Extension Cable Set


If you need the reason to choose AOHI future set, these might be for you:

1.Enjoy cutting-edge Innovation

If necessary,the AOHI future cable can handle up to 240W of rapid charging using the advanced PD3.1 technology. Certainly,you can easily charge your Macbook rapidly at a high power and large current of up to 28V 5A.

2.Link all your digital devices

Whether you have an iPhone or an Android device, a computer or a mobile phone, this may be the only way to keep them all connected.One is all you need to be completely satisfied.

3.Let fast charging customized

This may be the only modular set that includes "long," "coiled," and "short" cords ready for you to work out. You may use the benefits of the appropriate length ranging from 0.33ft to 8.53ft to make fast-charging on the go, in your car, or while traveling.

4.the only Mfi certified cable set

Amazingly, AOHI Future Cable is the first, or maybe only, custom cable to receive Apple's MFi certification. In addition, we add the newest E-maker chip to speed up and secure charging and transmission. The distinctive 3-stage indicators also make fast charging even more intelligient and obvious.

5.Built to be last lifetime

Our TPE cable has successfully passed thousands of dependability and aging tests, and it can easily reach 94V-0 proopf fire grade. It is a lifetime cable free from water, oil, plugs, and pulls thanks to its fine coloring and finishing.

6.A Perfect gift for you

We wrap it in an amazing gift box to make it even more appealing to your loved one. 1 0.33ft USB-C to USB-C short cable, 1 0.33ft USB-C to lightning cable, 1 2.6ft extension cable, 1 5.6ft spring cable, 1 gift box, 1 manual, 1 capsule storage, 18 months warranty, and our everlasting customer service are all included in the package.

Just as our customers say: "The AOHI future creative power cable lets you charge your way with mix-and-match cables that let you quickly switch it up to achieve your ideal length. That is the reason I choose AOHI and its future set."


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