8 Best Father’s Day Tech Gifts for Your Up-To-Date Dad in 2024

8 Best Father’s Day Tech Gifts for Your Up-To-Date Dad in 2024

AOHi STARSHIP PD3.1: The Ultimate Power Bank with 40000mAh Capacity Reading 8 Best Father’s Day Tech Gifts for Your Up-To-Date Dad in 2024 6 minutes

Father's Day is quickly coming, making it an ideal time to express your thanks to your father. Helpful gifts make the best presents. For example, many fathers favor presents that are required, practical, and beneficial. These eight tech items are perfect for you.

World's first 2-in-1 40000mAh power bank & Charging station

Starship is the perfect marriage of a power bank and a charging station that outperforms two conventional devices. It is a revolutionary time saver that can charge electronics while also charging itself. Without a doubt, it is the most powerful power bank or charging station you have ever seen or used:

  • 40,000mAh stunningly large capacity
  • 140W Multi-port Charging Station
  • Latest PD3.1 140W bidirectional fast charging
  • LED intelligent distribution and monitoring
  • Compact as a can (2.09in*2.56in*6.77in)

Featuring USB-C ports capable of reaching 140W, AOHI Starship's 2C1A output port has been designed to fully meet all your charging needs---for multiple devices.

In a nutshell, this is the most powerful power station you'll ever see or use!

World's First Splicable USB4 & PD 3.1 Cable Set

As the world's first modular-extension USB4 PD 3.1 cable set, it provides the ultimate power performance: 240W super-fast charging, 40Gbps lightning-speed data transmission, and high-definition 8K@60Hz audio/video transfer. This 4-in-1 cable set is sufficient to solve all USB-C and USB-A solutions, catering to diverse scenarios concurrently and addressing the longstanding inconvenience of requiring multiple cables:

  • World's First Splicable USB4 & PD 3.1 Cable Set
  • Blazing 40Gbps Data Transfer Speed
  • Support 8K@60HZ Ultra HD Display
  • PD 3.1 240W Highest Power Delivery
  • E-marker Chip Fully Secure Your Safety
  • 4-in-1 supports lengths from 0.43ft inch to 3.3ft

Compatible not only with the iPhone 15 series but also with all your USB-C electronic devices, The Future Racing Cable by AOHi stands as the singular solution to meet all your needs.

One cable set to solve ISO and android solutions

To be the cutting-edge tech, AOHi The Future Creative Power Cable Set is the world ‘s first and only Apple approved cable set. Its USB-C to USB-C and USB-C to Lightning cables are compatible with a wide range of phones, tablets, laptops, and other devices and attempt to attract you in many ways:

  • PD3.1 rapid charging
  • 240W high power charging
  • MFi certified
  • Super compatible
  • With a protective silicone case, keep your pocket or backpack tidy
  • Quick switch and custom length

This set comes with a ton of attachments for every scenario and even extenders to fit every need possible!  

One adapters to be the fast-charging professor

Here comes one of our best-sellers: AOHI GaN+ 140W 3-port charger. It indeed the most compact and powerful GaN charger in the world, 28% smaller than the original one with 3 ports! Here are the reasons which makes it more attractive:

  • Supports PD 3.1 protocol
  • Adopts the same power integration custom chip as Apple
  • Two USB-C ports and one USB-A port
  • LED indicator for different charging status
  • Compact size (69x73x31.5mm) and lightweight (320 grams)
  • Multiple charging protocols supported
  • Efficient power distribution when charging multiple devices simultaneously
  • Solid charging performance for devices like 16-inch MacBook Pro

If you’re looking for a high-powered charger that can handle multiple devices with ease, the AOHI Magcube 140W GaN Charger is worth considering. With its impressive power output, reliable charging performance, and compact design, it offers convenience and efficiency in one package.

The world’s thinnest 65W high power GaN charger

by integrating advanced GaN+ and ultra-thin circuit solutions, we compressed 65W high power into ultra-thin (0.57 inch) body. Successfully blended the pinnacle of modern convenience and technology into your daily life.

AOHI redefines how you power your devices, and its 180-degree rotating pins provide an unprecedented level of convenience and efficiency.

A discreet LED light indicates the charging status of your device, ensuring you're always in the loop about your device's power levels.

With fast charging capabilities and a sleek, transparent design, it's a game-changer for tech enthusiasts. Join me as we delve into its innovative features and high-end, slim appeal.

The world’s first DIY wireless charger station

The AOHi The Future Eternal City 2-in-1 wireless charger combines form and function in a unique way. It has a space-theme design and a cyberpunk see-through construction that will add plenty of space exploration fun to your workday.

Meanwhile, the playful DIY assembly and helpful charging capabilities make it a useful and engaging desktop accessory. You could also take the snap-and-go power bank out if needed. If you're looking for a truly unique charging station, give this gadget a try!

The world’s most durable 30000MAH 100W high-power bank

Nothing is more frustrating than having an almost empty battery, especially when you’re waiting for an important end-of-day work email or camping without a battery. Here comes the solutions for your laptop, phone, tablet, or Kindle to save the day when your battery is almost empty.

To select the finest laptop power bank is critical for assuring your productivity while on the road. Consider capacity, power output, mobility, and connectivity choices, AOHI 30000mah power bank stands out among the best alternatives in the industry for its remarkable performance and dependability. The power bank will not disappoint you if you are a regular traveler, a digital nomad, or simply someone who wants a reliable power supply for their laptop.

One compact 67W GaN charger to solve all USB-C and USB-A solutions

Do you want to power all of your devices quickly with one charger? It's possible with AOHI 67W GaN PD Wall Charger. With 67W of power, this handy little gadget can power two gadgets at the same time. So you can make full use of all the devices with USB-C and USB-A ports.

Support up to 67W fast charging during single port use, allowing fast charging for MacBook Air from 0% to 100% in about 2 hours, providing fast and efficient charging for laptops, tablets and phones.

Father's Day is approaching, and everyone is looking forward to surprising their fathers with something unique to express their love for them. If you're wondering what you can do to make your dad happy and appreciative, don't worry. You may thank your father by giving him one of these meaningful and functional Father's Day gifts.

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