What makes AOHI Startship different?

What makes AOHI Startship different?

Starship is AOHI's most powerful 40000mah 140W power bank. It is a gorgeous cyberpunk-inspired space-themed power bank with a charging station. So what makes it so different?

No matter how many devices, Starship can handle it all

Starship has a bi-directional input and output shunt architecture that combines the direction of the desktop cable. This manner, in addition to appearing nice on your desktop, it also maintains it decluttered—as neat and tidy as you'd like it to be!

Your computer, smartphone, and tablet. Because you use a lot of gadgets that need to be charged, we designed Starship with Intelligent Power Distribution, which allows three ports to charge your devices at the same time.

What's more, whether you're at home, in the office, traveling, or on the road between meetings, one Starship can swiftly charge all of your electronic devices.

140W multiple-port charging station

With three USB-C and one USB-A connections and a 140W input capacity, Starship acts as a great desktop charging station that will swiftly and completely charge three devices. You may finally say goodbye to that big desktop charger that annoyed you by taking up too much desktop space and providing insufficient power for only one or two devices. The new era of charging more and worrying less has here with Starship!

40000mah huge capacity for all charging needs

With a 40000mAh Large Capacity battery, the AOHI Starship is certainly ready to rock when it comes to charging your electronics!

We feel it is the ideal equation, which is why we designed Starship with a Bicker Battery's superior power density and conversion efficiency. Its vehicle-grade quality assures a lengthy service life, which is essential for a fantastic 40,000mAh high capacity battery that you intend to retain for years. Whether you're traveling or going about your everyday business, Starship has a massive and efficient charging power built into such a small chassis.

Wherever you go and whatever your charging needs are, Starship will be the ultimate power station!

PD3.1 140W super fast charging speed

Your fast-paced days necessitate a charging companion who can keep up. The AOHI Starship is the right tool for the job, with the newest PD3.1 protocol and 140W bi-directional rapid charging.It can charge your MacBook Pro 16" from 0% to 56% in under 30 minutes. It does not keep you waiting indefinitely. Instead of the bulky power bank you were used to, which disappointed you with its delayed charging delivery, Starship is always ready to rock and roll, charging your gadgets as rapidly as you need them.

Intelligent power distribution

The absence of precise and intelligent power distribution is one of the limitations of many contemporary multi-output charging solutions. In a nutshell, they struggle to charge many gadgets properly, and they run out of juice before you realize it. Starship, on the other hand, can produce 140W through its two USB-C output ports, but it does it intelligently, distributing charging power effectively according on the needs of different devices.

Security protection

Except for the protection it provides, nothing beats Starship's performance. That's correct, the AOHI Starship employs automotive-grade battery cells with industry-leading safety and conversion efficiency profiles. There are nine primary charging safeguards in place to protect Starship, the devices you're charging, and yourself!

In a word, AOHI Starship's 2C1A output port, which features USB-C connections capable of exceeding 140W, has been developed to fully fulfill all of your charging needs---for many devices.

This is the most powerful power station you'll ever see or use!

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