Unleash your inner engineer with the AOHi The Future Eternal City wireless charger

Unleash your inner engineer with the AOHi The Future Eternal City wireless charger

Take your workspace to the outer reaches of the universe with the AOHi The Future City 2-in-1 wireless charger. This cyberpunk-inspired device looks amazing and has a DIY design.

Transform your workspace into a futuristic cyberpunk dream with the AOHi The Future Eternal City. This DIY wireless charger has a fun structure that you can put together and take apart. Plus, it charges multiple devices.

Want to make your home office one of a kind? This wireless charger is sure to start some conversations and is a fun hands-on activity when you need a break. Featuring a space-themed design and see-through construction, this gadget was made for gamers, sci-fi fanatics, and space enthusiasts alike.

Let's dive in and check it out!

Build your own wireless charger

One of the AOHi The Future Eternal City's most important features is its DIY assembly. Unlike most charging stations that are pre-assembled and on-customizable, this creative charger lets you build and deconstruct as you wish.

It's just like playing with your favorite LEGO sets since it not only exercises your creativity but also gives you a sense of accomplishment as you fit the pieces together and bring a personal touch to your work desk.

So it's a fun toy for adults since you can continuously change its configuration to keep it fresh and interesting.

Enhance your desk with a sci-fi-theme charger

What's more, this DIY wireless charger is packed with sci-fi and cyberpunk design elements, turning your workday into a cosmic voyage. It has a stunning see-through design that displays the charger's sophisticated coil. It balances the physical and digital worlds, bringing you a unique charging experience.

Meanwhile, the magnetic battery gets its inspiration from spacecraft, with a texture that's similar to what you see on laser guns and ships in your favorite sci-fi movies. And the wireless charger itself has a distinct flying saucer look while the stand mimics a space elevator, connecting the UFO to the ground base.


Enjoy snap-and-charge wireless charging

But the AOHi The Future Eternal City isn't just a cool toy—it's also a high-quality charging station that can power multiple devices wirelessly at once.

And, with its seamless magnetic alignment, this charging gadget delivers snap-and-charge fast wireless charging, ensuring that your devices are ready for you when you need them. Both the battery and charger work together to keep your phone attached, even when your devices are bombarded by notifications.

Additionally, the stand props and charges your device in either portrait or landscape mode. So, whether you're streaming videos or scrolling TikTok, this desk gadget gives you a gravity-defying experience in any view.


Be mesmerized by the radiant LED indicator

You've seen LED charging indicators before, but never one as immersive as what's on this DIY wireless charger. In fact, the flying saucer flaunts a captivating ring of LEDs.

These mesmerizing LEDs easily capture your awe, letting you imagine what lies far beyond our solar system and the infinite expanse of the universe.

When the light is on, you'll know that your phone has begun its charging adventure. The charging indicator on the side of the magnetic power bank also indicates how far along your device is.

Power your devices with on-the-go charging

You don't even have to worry about running out of battery while you travel or run errands thanks to this DIY charger's power bank.

It snaps easily to your device for effortless charging anywhere, keeping you connected. Even better, just dock it to the base charger to recharge via Pogo pins.


Choose a safe wireless charger

You want a wireless charger you can count on, and the folks at AOHi understand. That's why safety is so important to this company. The team included numerous safety measures in this product, ensuring worry-free charging.

With features like overcharge, overheating, short-circuit, and overvoltage protection, the AOHi The Future Eternal City is a gadget you don't have to stress about.

Add a sense of wonder to your work desk

The AOHi The Future Eternal City 2-in-1 wireless charger combines form and function in a unique way. It has a space-theme design and a cyberpunk see-through construction that will add plenty of space exploration fun to your workday.

Meanwhile, the playful DIY assembly and helpful charging capabilities make it a useful and engaging desktop accessory. If you're looking for a truly unique charging station, give this gadget a try!

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