AOHi The Future Creative 65W GaN Plus charger launches at 20% discount

AOHi The Future Creative 65W GaN Plus charger launches at 20% discount

AOHi's latest USB type-C charger has a new design rated to make it much more compact and travel-friendly than the average power brick. It is also equipped with "GaN Plus" technology for potentially improved stability and thermal management while in use. Its latest sale has also kicked off alongside its launch, which reduces its starting price for a limited time.

AOHi pitches the Future Creative power brick as the one charger "for all your devices", although it might be a little overly ambitious in the case of some laptops, smartphones and portable consoles. Nevertheless, it might be more than sufficient to buy as the charger for a new iPhone 15-series device with its 65W rating.

The Future Creative charger stands out from its rivals with a cap that snaps back on with a "magnetic closure" rather than fold-away pins. It also has an innovative design that allows it to twist around said pins so as to fit into any space.

The GaN+ accessory also boasts a streamlined footprint thanks to "ultra-thin" circuits, some of which can be seen through its casing. Both features leave the Future Creative power brick looking somewhat like an elongated TWS earbud case.

To that end, it has a type-C port at one end, near its indicator LED. The Future Creative 65W GaN+ charger is part of its brand's new mid-month sale despite its new release status, which makes it eligible for 20% off its full US$69.99 price, alongside other devices such as the AOHi custom-length rapid-charging Type-C cable set and the Future Eternal City Wireless Charger with the code YOURAOHI.

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